Pollination in Food Server


Do Aeroponics need pollination using Bumblebee. If not what is the process used to pollinated in these type of system.

If someone want to develop Food Server how to apply pollination in those type of system.

I am novice to this field so if I made any wrong question please don’t mind.

Thank you all.



It depends on what the type of crop it is. Some domesticated crops such as peas and tomatoes are self pollinating and need no bumblebees for pollination.

However even modern domestic tomatoes (suffer from genetic bottleneck and are highly-inbred) still produce way more tomatoes when naturally bumblebee pollinated or hand pollinated. Indoor pollination can be done with an electric toothbrush. I’ve been experimenting lately with this OralB electric toothbrush with my F2 [Solanum pennellii x domestic tomato] hybrid that i am growing indoors for the winter. It has seemingly set a few fruits.



EDIT: if one wanted a completely autonomous solution for a crop like tomatoes, perhaps a pager or cell phone motor with a strap of some kind to wrap it to the main stem of the plant could then be hooked up to a relay for periodic pollination routine that could be controlled by the computer.