Possible mentors for Outreachy (Food Computer)


Hello everyone,

I am Anisa, and I have studied Agriculture at Agricultural University of Tirana.
I am also a board member at Open Labs Hackerspace which is an organisation in Albania promoting free software.

@Marie-Claire (just graduated student for environmental sciences at [ETH] in Zurich) and I, are thinking to apply for Outreachy. We are interested to apply and work to OpenAg related topics and specifically with the “Food Computer” and currently we are looking for possible mentors.

As far as I know there are only two people applying with the Food Computer this year.

Would someone be interested mentoring one or maybe both of us?
If not, do you know anyone else that you would reccomend us to contact, and Is there anything we can do to help them with their projects related to OpenAg and Food Computer?

Many thanks,


Anisa, great message, I’m glad you’re connected with @Marie-Claire!

Couple of questions for you:

What are you looking to learn/be mentored in? Software?
Do you have any goals for your project? (Build a V2 PFC/Work with OpenCV/Contribute to GitHub)
You mentioned two other people applying for Food Computer this year, do you mean you and Marie, or someone else? If so I would be interested to find out who!

There are many opportunities to contribute. From designing more modules, placing these in schools, writing recipes/creating documentation. It’s more a question of what are you hoping to learn more about? Who do you want to impact?

Exciting stuff! Goodluck with your application and I look forward to hearing from you.