Post Your Recipies Here!


Hey Farmers!
As more and more people finish their builds, we’re beginning to create the knowledge Caleb and the rest of the OpenAg team sought to create. However since the database for Recipes does not exist yet, why not make our own temporary collection? I’ll be posting my Recipes here, and I invite you all to do the same! This forum isn’t too happy with posting normal text, so I’m trusting you all with a Google Drive folder :grin:

Happy Farming!


I just added LettuceJamesO.txt, a specialized lettuce recipe that uses a 16hr on and 2 hr off light cycle to maximize growth (according to a paper abstract I found).


Note on uploading recipes:
Although the unity interface will not allow you to upload them directly, you can paste in custom recipies into the files present in /var/www/gro_api/media/recipes/ according to ToeSmack, and then restart the device.

I’ll be testing my lettuce recipe now!


Another note. If you’ve loaded a recipe, restarting the Rapi will not stop or restart the recipe, it will simple pick back up where it left off. Since there is no option in the UI to stop a recipe from running; what I did to stop a recipe from running was to change the recipe to a “Canceling” recipe. This cancelling recipe only contains the line “000:00:00:00 GHAR Yum!”, so it instantly completes once it starts. Once it completes the PFC is put back into an idle state until you load another recipe and start the process all over again.


Understood. I was mistaken in my impression that it restarted every time.


Hi @JamesO James and @gordonb , I’m using the V1.1 now of the OPenAG_brain. When I paste your recipe into the GRO-UI it tells me it is an invalid JSON…(uhhh ???)
Anyway. If there are various types of recipes for various versions of the software I think we should make it clear where people should find/upload/download what.
Is there a way to convert your recipe to be compatible with V1.1 ?


@Peperoni openag_brain has an updated recipe format that allows for more things (like programmatic recipes, or, in future, neural net recipes). Eventually, we’ll create a converter script to go from v1 to v2. If you’re using the GRO-UI Unity app, recipes are in a CSV-like format. If you’re using the in-development v2 UI, you’ll want JSON recipes.

If you’re curious about the v2 format, here’s a simple test recipe that should give you the idea.


Sorry (again)…
I managed to run the index.html and succesfully connect to the PFC. I tried the long_test_recipe: see the following screen shot:

And then I pasted the JSON code from you link above:

When I hit ‘save’, nothing happens and a yellow line appears: Food computer was unable to start recipe.
also refreshing does not help
I tested it on both Safari and Chrome.

Problem With Uploading The Recipe to PFC

I tried swapping back to the old version (I have two RPIs…) but that doesnt seem to be able to communicate with the Arduino anymore. Does that make any sense ? Does V2 upload something to the Arduino that makes it not speak again with an V1 RPI ?


@Peperoni Short answer is that openag_brain isn’t running, but let’s take this to a different thread.