Posting format for new content and hardware


How to submit existing hardware to the openAG project. I have a been working on hardware and software grow automation solutions for many years and would like to submit my work.


A good place to start would be looking at some of the existing build diaries here on the forum. Perhaps you would like to make a similar post describing your work. Pictures are always helpful. Another step you might take after that would be documenting your designs in a github repository and sharing the link.


We (at work with Github, WeVolver (hw community and git-based system focused on hardware), and a regular blog to post stuff about our developments. We also work with Slack to communicate.

PS. What kinds of grow hw and sw are you working on?


flyguy: I’m sure many of us would love to see your work. Is your code available via a public repository such as Github? Do you have any blog posts or pictures to share?