Problem with PFC code on rpi


Hello everyone,
I am bulding a PFC 1 as school project but I encountered a quiet intriging problem:

Tried to run the code of the pfc on the rpi, it works until I reach the point of the logging in the into the internal gro-api server, it tells me, no matter what credentials I enter, it tells me : " (“non feild errors”)[unable to log with the provided credentials] "…

I don’t know if this topic has already been viewed…sorry if it has already been.

I am equiped with an raspberry pi 2B, with a 8Gb memory card.

Another problem I also encountered is for the 4" touchscreen, when I connect it to the pi, it apears compleatly striped, and as if it was in portait position shown in 4 times in the length…Does it come from the debian version?..

Thanks in advance,



Thanks for the help!!..