Programming the Mega 2560


Hello all,

I am trying to figure which file I should use to program the Mega 2560 to have all of the functions. Since there are many folders in the GitHub, I am not sure which one I should use?

Is there a guide that explains more about this process?

Thank you


Hello Boanosa,

  • First time, download and instal:
  • Second time, use the main file “src.ino” in “src” folder, double click and normally is open with the Arduino app!

-Third click on the “Upload” icon for load all fill on the Arduino! (The file “src.ino” contain all filles)

That’s all you need!
After you check with the tool: >Tool>Serial Monitor :slight_smile:


check the gro-microcontroller repo. It contains the source code for the arduino mega. This repo however is part of the pfc version 1.


Thank you.

Worked great