Properly Sizing Aeroponics System


I just getting my feet wet in growing and starting to design my first system completely from scratch. I was planning on doing a HPA system and using the hypro AFD series nozzles recommended by @Atom . But I am not sure how to calculate the number of nozzles per plan I need for proper coverage. Also sizing of the reservoir tank, which I would guess is directly related to the number of nozzles used. Any other general advise for a complete noob is greatly appreciated.


The number of nozzles wil depend on the chamber shape, size and volume, the mist pattern of the nozzle and where they are located :wink: As a guide, an upward firing hypro in a 15-16" deep chamber will cover a 12" x 12" to 15" x 15" area.


Also you can follow the @Atom first steps recommendation: That is buy some nozzles and try it. I recommend starts with hollow and full cone and try with different flowrates (0.2 to 1 GPH… ). Another thing yo consider it’s the pressure… I recommend to try with lower pressures (30 to 50 psi) and the increment to observe the effect of low and high pressures.


Is it possible to fill the chamber from the side. Meaning that the hypro would be horizontal.


You could use all your imagination locating your Afd and you will have a beautiful hollow cone pattern. Another important thing it’s the long of the mist @Atom knows very well the diameter of the cone at each distance (1m long… 2 m long…) Remember: you can order the nozzle with or without Anti drip.


You can do that but you have to be mindful of the mist pattern and obstacles. Its best to visualise the chamber fully populated with plants and mature root systems. If a nozzle becomes encroached you`ll lose its contribution to the coverage.