Properly Sizing Aeroponics System


I just getting my feet wet in growing and starting to design my first system completely from scratch. I was planning on doing a HPA system and using the hypro AFD series nozzles recommended by @Atom . But I am not sure how to calculate the number of nozzles per plan I need for proper coverage. Also sizing of the reservoir tank, which I would guess is directly related to the number of nozzles used. Any other general advise for a complete noob is greatly appreciated.


The number of nozzles wil depend on the chamber shape, size and volume, the mist pattern of the nozzle and where they are located :wink: As a guide, an upward firing hypro in a 15-16" deep chamber will cover a 12" x 12" to 15" x 15" area.


Also you can follow the @Atom first steps recommendation: That is buy some nozzles and try it. I recommend starts with hollow and full cone and try with different flowrates (0.2 to 1 GPH… ). Another thing yo consider it’s the pressure… I recommend to try with lower pressures (30 to 50 psi) and the increment to observe the effect of low and high pressures.


Is it possible to fill the chamber from the side. Meaning that the hypro would be horizontal.


You could use all your imagination locating your Afd and you will have a beautiful hollow cone pattern. Another important thing it’s the long of the mist @Atom knows very well the diameter of the cone at each distance (1m long… 2 m long…) Remember: you can order the nozzle with or without Anti drip.


You can do that but you have to be mindful of the mist pattern and obstacles. Its best to visualise the chamber fully populated with plants and mature root systems. If a nozzle becomes encroached you`ll lose its contribution to the coverage.


Just starting up. I have a 43" x 43" x15" deep 100 gallon chamber. Based on Atom’s recommendation I’m using Hypo AFD0.7-80 nozzles at 75-100psi. How many nozzles should I use and at what spacing? What firing time and interval would you recommend? Any help is greatly appreciated.


A lot depends on the planting layout and plant type but you`d get ample coverage with 9 upward firing hypros arranged in a 3 x 3 matrix, a UF hypro mounted 3" above the floor will cover a 15" x 15" area upto 18" high fairly comfortably. This nozzle arrangement would work for a 4 row x 4 site planting layout for larger plants or (at a push) a 7 row x 7 site planting layout for small, compact plants.
The misting duration should always be as short as practical but typically not more than 2 seconds.That assumes the system is equipped with an accumulator and solenoids, not just a pump :wink:
The pause duration will be dependant on the growth stage, crop type, light intensity, etc. The day and night mist timing will also be different, less mist is needed at night.


Thanks Atom… The layout is 4 x 4 on 12 inch centers. I have several questions. Do you consult? My email address is


I’m totally agree @Atom. I just want to add that you can try with vertical aeroponics and discover the challenges and advantages that it has. I’m a fan of vertical designs and you can create different geometries. Take the next in mind… An AFD HYPRO firing vertical and downwardly it’s capable to make a beautifull hollow cone of 40 cm long at a 35 cm max. diameter and an effective mist of 1 meter long. With this in mind the use of an AFD could be enchaced if use an appropriate geometry for grow up. Finally it’s all about experimentation try an hypotesis or an idea and make it happen that’s the only way to create expertise in the field. The best wishes for all your prototypes: I will wait to see your advances.


The 4 x 4 layout is ideal. Looks like the corner nozzles will be about 12.5" in from the sides (6.5" to corner plant sites). I guess the tote walls taper down to the bottom so dont forget to account for the difference or the nozzles will be in the wrong place.
The only consulting i do is with swmbo :wink:


Atom, we are a new grower of medical cannabis in Oklahoma. Medical cannabis was recently approved in the State, but few growers, if any, are interested in serving the real medical need. The law that was passed allows the physician total subjectivity in determining medical need and is commonly referred to as “recreation light”. Basically, anyone who wants a medical card you can get one. As such, most growers seem to be interested in producing products that are more associated with the recreational market and most dispensary employees lack the knowledge to help patients determine which product to use to treat their legitimate medical need. We started this business to correct his deficiency and to serve the true medical market. We chose aeroponics as the grow method that would allow us to produce the cleanest most consistent product. I have a background in the technical side of the dialysis field with extensive knowledge of water treatment systems. I have hydro grow experience from decades ago, but aero is new to me. I built a tote sized system to prove the concept and it has performed well. We will be scaling up with the large chambers mentioned previously with each of four rooms having 48 chambers. The chambers will be on two levels in four rows of 12. The system I am designing will be firing 432 nozzles at a time and will be draining to waste. If my math is correct the total volume will be .1368 gallon per second at 100psi. I plan on plumbing the system with 1/2" pvc. Some of my main mechanical questions are the placement and number of solenoid valves and accumulators. Some of my main growing questions are nutrient levels and firing durations/intervals. I understand that a lot of this will be trial and error. Given the nature of what I am attempting I am trying to gather as much information as possible to minimize the errors.