Proposed Patch to MVP software - avoid turning off browser caching


When installing the MVP software, I found it frustrating that I have to turn off browser caching. I was accessing the system remotely (by forwarding port 8000), so I would rather not turn browser caching off on my personal computer.

My specific use case aside, it is one more step in the process and can be frustrating to debug if you do skip it by accident. You will only see the placeholder charts and think “Why is my chart showing the wrong data?”

I made a pull request on the repo that will eliminate caching of the svg/jpg image assets. I have tested this out on my food computer and it does eliminate the caching. I get into the technical details there and am happy to discuss implementation or any questions further. @webbhm can you take a look when you have a chance?

I’m excited to start sprouting seeds soon, thanks for creating this awesome project :slight_smile:


I had tried some browser directives early on, but they didn’t seem to have any affect. This looks like a good solution. Will put it in place.
We never intended for people to turn off caching, just clear the cache as necessary. The problem doesn’t seem to occur all the time, or for all people.