Protoshield wiring schematic


Hi @julien.depraetere,

I think that’s @JoshSinykin 's. I’m not sure if that’s an updated version of a previous version I’ve seen. Maybe he can help?

Alternatively, if you have not seen it, see if my schematic here is helpful.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Julien, I built my proto board to the schematic you attached. The 12v in comes from the connector that is routed from the power supply. 12v out is the term I gave from the relay when it switches closed, when this happens you 12v in, becomes 12v out. These 12v out points are used to control the fans and LEDs.


Thank you Adrian for your help ! And thanks a lot Josh, your explanation helped me so much for the wiring !



thank you so much for the schematic.I have two more questions to ask for help.

  1. does “NC” in the schematic map means “nothing connected”?
  2. where to connect “GND-12V” to?


Yes, is this case NC means ‘not connected’. GND 12V refers to the minus of the 12V power supply (as opposed to the GND from the power supply of the Arduino itself. These 2 should not be mixed or interconnected !!)


Thank you! Where is the supply GND of GND-12V? on the SUPERNIGHT 12V 30A 360W Switching Power Supply? Should I connect the cable of GND-12V to Switching power supply?


GND-12V comes from the “-” on the 12 VDC output of the power supply. The ‘normal’ GND comes either via the USB power connection or from a seperate power module for the Arduino, nothing special needs to be done for that…

for reference: the 12VDC power on the Arduino is just for ‘pass through’ (to and from the 12VDC relais) purposes and has nothing to do with the power supply of the Arduino or other connected sensors. and should therefor NOT be combined with any other power circuit on the Arduino.