Python 3.5 on Raspberry Pi


I’m just starting to try to get my head around the software that backs the food computer. I started with the OpenAg brain, and right off the bat I ran into a road block. So far as I understand, this goes on the Pi, right? Running pip3 install . I get greeted by a requirement for a minimum of Python version 3.5. How are people installing 3.5 on the Pi? I built it from source, but it takes a decent amount of time. Have I done something wrong which is causing me to need 3.5, or what?

I need help with Raspberry Pi UI image

Its best to stay away from installing everything unless you really want to start from scratch. I do have a not-complete-but-useful list of needed python, Rest Framework, nginx, uWSGI, Markdown, DJango, etc. I think Python 3.4 somehow is more compatible than 3.5.

Best way to get the rpi up and running is to get the pre-made image from the github repo.


Is the pre-made image you mentioned still exist in the github repo?


Taking a super quick look, it’s not jumping out at me… There are a lot of repositories for OpenAg, and even more branches. @Rckco - where is the image?


It’s not in the repo proper. It’s in the comments of the check in.