Question about 3-D printers

I am a middle school robotics teacher in rural Georgia. I wanted to know could we 3-D print the enclosure? I do not have a CNC machine, but I do have 3, 3-D printers.

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I’ve thought of this as well. What type of 3D Printers? If they are the more common FDM variety then I would suggest a biocompatible filament such as PETG. Filaments known to off gas fumes may affect gene expression.

I was thinking of doing this as well! looking to build it out first with cnc machining then experimenting

Maker North inc has produced the 3d printed parts .
we also used a laser cutter to cut out the lexan parts for the Brain and the Water Reservoire.
We laser cut the wooden parts also on a Full Spectrum laser

If your looking to purchase the parts we can supply them.

Yes , we have printed them on Creality 3d printers :slight_smile: