Question PFC 2 Peristaltic pumps



I’m currently planning to build a PFC 2 the following weeks/months, and I stumbled in the BOM upon these 5 peristaltic pumps. I assume these 5 pumps are there to supply the H2O, nutrients (A/B) and the pH (up/down) to the system however when I look at the CAD assembly and the build video, I can’t seem to figure out how the tubing is done for these pumps. If these pumps are indeed for the H2O, nutrients and pH supply, how is it done exactly? As I also have some parts from the PFC 1, how is the H2O, nutrients and pH supply achieved there? Because as far as I know, there are no peristaltic pumps in the BOM of the PFC 1.

Thanks in advance!



It isn’t really shown in the documentation how to connect all of these dosing pumps. Your assumptions are correct though about an A+B Up/Down & H2O Topoff.

The pumps come with tubing, you just feed it through one side of the electrical panel into the growth chamber reservoir, and then the other end into the liquid containers. These two pics should help clarify:


Those two pictures really did clarify a lot, thanks! I’m not sure if the tubing on the pumps I ordered will be long enough though, but I guess I’ll see when I get them. And if not, I’ll figure something out.

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Have you ordered parts? Where are you located? I know there are several teams building PFC’s in Europe who would be very interested in collaborating on part sourcing @Marie-Claire


Sadly not, we didn’t start yet… But we would be really interested in a collaboration. We are based in Switzerland, Zurich. Would love to keep in touch.


Is there any software listed to control those pumps? I’m guessing they are run off the Arduino shield. I’m upgrading a PFC V1 and want to add pumps in.


I’m located in Belgium. The parts are already ordered though and will arrive sometime this week. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t have to do any part sourcing later on as I’m currently working on this project at a small company for my internship as an Industrial Product Designer, which will also be followed up by my bachelor thesis. Current goal is to build the PFC 2 (although the frame will be different and there will also be some parts from the PFC 1), try to understand how it exactly works and get all the electronics working and actually grow something.

What will happen afterwards, I don’t know yet myself. I could end up going further into the PFC and try to improve it in terms of user experience for example or I could try to go in the direction of redesigning the MVP. It will depend on the assignment the company gives me at the end of my internship (in about 5/6 weeks).

In general, I think a collaboration with the open source community could be very interesting (also would be interesting to see how it would work out for a bachelor thesis), although I’m not sure if there are any policies in place considering this is still a project for a company.



@Hollmat As far as I know, there’s no software for the PFC V1 for adding these pumps in. It should be in the software for the PFC V2 though but that means a complete upgrade from the PFC V1 software to the PFC V2 software, along with the sensors as well I think as not all of the old sensors work on the PFC V2.


Thanks for the quick response. I guess I’ll leave them off this build for now.