Question sourcing the OpenAg Signal Board



Apparently we forgot about a few parts and I’m back to part sourcing. Right now I’m looking for options to get the OpenAg Signal board. So far I’ve only found the PCB for sale on However, the fully assembled PCB isn’t really an option for me as there seems to be a lead time of 4 weeks for it (and by then my internship itself would be over and they expect that the Food Computer would definitely be operational by then). Ordering the empty PCB and sourcing and soldering all the individual parts is an option though, but I couldn’t find an extensive BOM besides the one in Eagle itself (which so far can be a little vague it seems, if anyone has a BOM for this, I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:). Another option is obviously to turn to a custom PCB manufacturor and let them make it for me, although the lead time could be an issue here as well.

So my question is where did you guys source the PCB from and does anyone happen to have any advice or suggestions as to how I should handle this “problem”?

Thanks in advance!



Hi Riggi,

I sourced my board from I bought the bare board and reflow soldered the parts onto the board using a small reflow oven at my local TechShop. You might want to try contacting to ask about a BOM or maybe the OpenAg team can extract a BOM for you from the Eagle files.



Hi Ferguman,

Thanks for your reply. I hadn’t heard about reflow soldering before, but considering that the parts are so small, it would probably be near impossible to do it manually. I’m not sure it’ll be possible for me to reflow solder myself though. Time to take a look at this and try to either contact the OpenAg team or

Thanks again :slight_smile:



Here is the awesome BOM @Connor made for the Signal Board v1.1
(Most components are available on Digikey except for the 2x18 stackable female header.)

As for the soldering, we managed to do it using a soldering iron and solder paste for the small SMD components, and core solder for the larger parts. As mentioned before, you could also solder the SMD components using the reflow method, it is not that complicated and if you manage to manufacture a solder paste stencil, the process becomes a bit easier.


I use this Mega_Sensor_Sheild_2.0 and colourful header wires to start the project.

I will switch to DFR0016 very soon.

up to now( as I can found), D3,D4,D5,D20andD21(i2c), V+, V- i.e. 7pin (Pin 9 not yet connected )then D25~D45(20pin header will location at the right side,will be solder on it, the broad still has room for it
It need soldering iron to do it. I will upload more photo very soon.

I am not connected the i2c isolators for EC,PH, but I am going to have them.


Thank you @david and @sllo for the help. The BOM will come in very handy and it’s great to hear there are other options to connect all the electronics with each other. I’ll probably try to solder the parts as well but I’m not entirely sure yet. I guess I’ll just go over my options now and make a decision.

Thanks again for the help everyone! :slight_smile: