Raspberry Pi Recipe Workaround


Hey all,
The more I’ve tried to work with the recipes, its become pretty clear based on previous discussion that the upload system is not working correctly, with the exception (at least for me) of the pre-uploaded simplegreens. What I’m wondering is if anybody knows where those files are stored on the raspberry pi, so that a custom recipe could be substituted for the content of the simpleGreens recipe. Does anybody know what directory this would be, or tried this approach?



Did you figure this out? I’m trying to find where the recipes are stored. No .gro files and no file called SimpleGreens. exist on the filesystem. I’m guessing once you upload them, they go into a database somewhere.

EDIT: I found them, they’re stored within /var/www/gro_api/media/recipes/. The recipe files get renamed to “file_(random text).dat” when they’re uploaded.


Unfortunatley I haven’t figured it out. I agree that it must get uploaded into a database system, and almost wonder if it gets turned into a ‘runtime’ or something of that nature. After restarting the system a number of times I started experiencing weird issues where I don’t think that the grodeamon was running, so i’m reinstalling but sticking with the pi2. The 2.0 version will be based on new pi, so I’m thinking it just might be waiting for.