Raw Food Data based on taste and food compounds


Hi everyone,

I am Andrew from South Korea.
Currently working as a data scientist for a food startup and personally very interested in PFC and it’s possibilities of matching climates to alter the taste of crops which in turn could change how we produce food.

So my question is how do you guys manage to predict or find out the taste of a specific crop under a specific climate?
Is there a open-source community database of results that help input the taste and component of that specific crop? (I also heard about this litmus method that could predict some parts of the taste factor of the crop)

Thank you and looking forward in hearing your thoughts about this topic


@databug Here’s a Media Lab page with a high level description of how OpenAg is studying flavor:

Here is a related github repository with CSV files for some of OpenAg’s flavor data on basil from 2 years ago:

If you read through Caleb’s twitter feed, he sometimes posts links to articles, interviews, and talks where he and other members of the OpenAg team describe their work.

Those are the best current sources I’m aware of. It’s important to understand that a lot of what Caleb talks about has to do with a vision for the future. He wants to create a database of results like you mentioned, and the OpenAg team is working toward that goal. But, those are long term goals. It will take time.


Thank you @wsnook for your info. It gives me place to start.