Recipe for Parsil and/or Coriander/Cilantro


Hi all,
I have had some successfull harvests on basil, but I now tried to grow parsil and coriander.
First: the germination of coriander seems to take ages or is a very fragile process (low success rate). Does anyone have the ideal coriander germination method ?
But even when they have germinated, both the parsil and the coriander seem to grow much slower than basil. Is that normal ? Should I change something in the environment or change the nutricients ?

Thanks for your help.


Coriander/Cilantro is just the least rewarding crop you can have… As you said:

  • Poor Germination rate
  • slower than super slow
  • will bolt before you can really enjoy it

I’ll say it’s good when you have a big grow bed in Aquaponics: just toss some seeds around, but NFT/DWC or any grow site restricted system, forget about it !