Recipe request for testing


I am a member of a team of students that are working on our senior project. The project that we have decided to work on is to create a social media type site for food computer builders to post and share their grow recipes. We are planning on incorporating some features that we think will be useful for comparing and browsing recipes.

At the moment we only have access to one recipe file that we found in another post here ( Recipes for Growing ).

We could create some random recipes for testing purposes but I was hoping/wondering if any one here would be willing to send us recipe files for that purpose.

Anything you guys could gives us would be helpful, the more data we can get the better!


Trying out my own recipes would be great. Only thing is that I got no idea how to do that nor where to find info on how. Maybe the social media site you guys are building would also have a how to kind of bit?


Thinking back to the original TED talk that inspired me to get involved with this in the first place, I thought that was one of the main reasons MIT open sourced the designs in the first place? Does MIT have a forum in mind / up and running already on which people would share their Climate Recipes?


As far as I know there isn’t anything in place that accomplishes what we are trying to do. If MIT intends to put something out in the future I couldn’t find anything about either. Even if they do put something out we are doing this for a class so we will do it regardless. If we create something useful that fills an empty role then all the better.


I’m not sure what you mean. Instructions for making a recipe? Or instructions on how to use the site?


Instructions on how to make a recipe :slight_smile:
Sorry was a bit confusing there :slight_smile:


Hello, I too have been working on a similar project like this. I started prior to learning of this project from MIT, but now seeing it there is a great opportunity to tie together everything.

I would be interested to hear what you plan to use as a platform, I have already done some work on this myself and would be happy to collaborate, let me know your thoughts.


Surely this will be a job for Github!

I’ve been holding off all of this stuff while I wait for version 2.0 of the PFC. My understanding is that recipes will be shared and forked on github just like regular software.