Recipes for Growing


Here is a simple-but-useful modification the SimpleGreens recipe. Since I cannot upload the recipe (yet) you can simple add this line to the beginning of the the gro file:

000:00:00:00 SAHU 50.0

This keeps the humidity at 50.0%

Recipe request for testing

This recipe executes lights off and humidity uncontrolled for 3 days during germination, then starts a normal light/dark cycle with humidity set to 50.0% So far (with 2 crops), leaflets have appeared during the 3 day period.

SG_hum50_LODG.gro (5.0 KB)


That looks great. Can’t wait to get the build done and start growing. Is the .gro file format documented somewhere? I mean I see that the first part is the time and second bit is what to do and I’m guessing that the last bit is how long to do it for. Or maybe not…

006:18:00:00 SATM 23


I believe its days:hours:min:sec setpoint value.

SATM is the chamber temperature. I don’t have the full list at the moment.

Once a set point is set it is remains in effect until changed.