Recovering deleted files from SD card


Got a few data files deleted by mistakes. Any valid method to restore those deleted files? Hope someone would make some suggestions on this. Thanks


I haven’t had to do it in a while, but there are several free software tools available on the web that are designed to ‘undelete’ files. Google “SD Card Recovery” and look over the options.
Here is some help:


HI Steve,

Which files did you delete? It may be easier to rebuild them (download, git pull, apt-get, etc) as apposed to un-deleting them.




it seems that everybody have suffered from data loss.
once i accidentally format my d drive which contains all my photos and music. then i was told stop doing nothing to that drive, and get a data recovery software.
i googled Tunesbro Diskgeeker, and found some good reviews of it.
fortunately it got 95% of the files back. I suggest you give it at try, maybe it could help you recover your deleted files from SD card.


It is a database file.


I’m not up to speed on the CouchDb stuff yet but you might be able to fix the issue by re-running the openag_brain install script.


Although deleted, the data is still on your phone for a short time until it is covered
Follow this guide that you will know how to restore files on SD card,


I use Testdisk. Works on Linux, Windows, and Mac. You must be familiar with the DOS or Linux style command line though. But it’s easy and works wonders. I once used it on a used computer and found some very interesting written documents someone had deleted. They were about some scandal between a fired teacher that had apparently taught at my school a few years earlier at the time. Just a reminder that unless you use 1’s and 0’s to overwrite them, that many “deleted” files can be recovered by others. #security


The principle of restoring data from SD card is the same as the memory card data recovery on phone


I’ve successfully recovered files from formatted usb drive using Recover My Files software.


Of course, the SD card is built into the Android phone for data recovery. This step is much simpler and does not require a card reader to recover deleted files from SD card.


There are many SD card data recovery you can try, but I used Recoverit for nearly two years. It works great with me, here is a YouTube channel ‘Total Data Recovery’ about it. Maybe helpful with you.