Related projects: Open Source Ecology / Aquaponic Greenhouse


During my presentation at RHL’18 in Saint-Cergue, somebody mentioned the Aquaponic Greenhouse project from Open Source Ecology. (there is a 3 minute video there that explains the main points)

Has anybody looked at it?

How does it compare to the Food Computer?

Are there opportunities for collaboration between the projects, for example, sharing software libraries or hardware components?


Quite familiar with this project. Open Source Ecology is a great group.

With the help of @ferguman & @jimbell I am helping to manage the greenhouse exhibit at St. Louis Science Center. I also know@adrianlu’s team in SF is working on a project in a greenhouse as well.

@Poitrast If you are connected to them please put us in contact. I noticed actually that the project actually in Mayville, Missouri (few hours drive from here) so I definitely would be interested in connecting with them.

Perhaps they would be interested in helping us run this demo greenhouse? Or at least improving and working with us on the design/automation?