Relay wiring common vs. normally open


The motherboard assembly instructions say the following:

vii. Connect the AC sockets to the relay block.

  1. Connect the black wire (“hot”) from the socket labeled “1” to the middle screw terminal labeled K1 on the relay block. Do this for sockets 2,3,4 connecting to K2, K3, and K4 respectively.
  1. When viewing the screw terminals on the relay block head on, connect x4 black wires to the left terminal in each of K# block.
  1. Connect all 4 of the black wires connected to the left terminal on the relay block to the Wago 5­port lever connector containing the black wire from the extension cable.

The associated image shows the the socket connected to the “left” terminal. Does this matter at all? From my reading, it seems like it’s inconsistent between the text and the image, which is why I ask.


Correct Toby! I have see the same yesterday after complete my connection.
The picture when we see the socket with “AC1” to “AC4” is invert!