Requesting New Food Computer Building Instruction


I just started taking interest in building my own FC. With the OpenAG getting fast developments like recently using docker. My question is, is there a new building instruction particularly in setting up the pi?


I manage to setup the raspberry pi using the docker setup. Now my question is… what’s next? should i still use the old gro-microcontroller source code…? How can view the ui?


I was wondering the same thing. As it turns out, they are going to release updated documentation and edits in a few weeks, however until then it seems unclear. There is an img file that you can install straight onto the pi (model 2, unfortunately it is incompatible with the model 3) as an operating system, and it should work when installed. I’m going to try a few things to get it working on the pi 3 a few weeks from now, but I can’t be sure, and by then the new software may have been released.


So there are currently 2 versions of the software in our github repo. The gro-microcontroller code is from the first version. If you want to use that on the arduino, you should run gro-controller on the RPi and use gro-ui to view your data. The Pi image @JamesO mentioned is for running gro-controller on the Pi.

The docker setup is for the new version of the software which is still under development. In particular, it is for installing the openag_brain code on the Pi. I’ll probably tag a semi-stable version of the code within a few weeks with better installation instructions. For this codebase, you configure a set of firmware modules through CouchDB and the RPi automatically flashes the Arduino with code to interface with the hardware. There is a UI for it in the openag_ui repo that is also still in flux.

So for now you’re probably better off using the Pi image linked to here at least until we release the new version of the software.