Requirements for controlling the LED Panel


Hi there

@seybling and I are building an PFC V2 in Switzerland.

We have a light question and hope to get some recommendations from you guys.
We thought to buy a finished LED Panel, which we just need to fix into the growing chamber and the electronics.
Example: Hans-Panel

What are the requirements of the LED Panel to connect it to the PFC V2.1 system? What does the PFC system controls/manipulate? Just on/off, or would it be possible if the LED Panels comes with a two mode system (Growing/Flowering) to change the settings trough the PFC system?
What are the power requirements of the LED Panel that it works/matches with the electronics of the PFC?

Thank you guys in advance for your help.
Greetings from Switzerland


It would be really great if someone could help us with our issue. Maybe one of you guys @wsnook, @Poitrast, @Webb.Peter can tell us more about that? We organized the material, which was in the BOM from 06.01.2018.


I would recommend that you think about it in a different way. What do you want to grow, and is the PFC a suitable way to do that?

Different plants have different light requirements. For example, you will need more light–perhaps with a different mix of red and blue–to grow tomatoes than to grow lettuce. If you don’t understand what your plants will need, buying equipment is premature.

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Sorry for delay @Bataleon7, most of my advice is summarized here:

They seem to have a good solution here: