Result publications


High, all. I found you guys while researching making a high pressure aeroponics tower type system.

This summer, I was hoping to experiment with the drip system seen in other grow towers, and an actual high pressure system- comparing the output to see which is more valuable.

The reason I’m interested in it is the low energy needed to run an actual high pressure system- it’s low enough that a solar system with a 3 day power reserve would be pretty easy set up even for a low light area of Michigan that I am in. To me, this idea goes right along with this groups goals of remote low water areas being able to grow a lot of food.

What I’m looking for are any research publications that have come from this program. As far as I can tell, the only real publications come from NASA.

And the automation features that this group is working on is also a goal of my stand alone system.

Thanks, and I’m not sure how much I will be able to contribute, since I don’t see the food computer system being part of my experiment. But I look forward to learning.

Eric Storhok
Ann Arbor, MI