Running a local UI - ver 2.0


@gordonb I am trying to look at the software without a full food computer (at this time), and would like to set up the UI locally. I also have the issue of needing to set up some reserved/static ip before I can use the web ui.
The Couch interface is working (so I believe the ver 2 software is installed and working), but just typing in the ip address (or localhost from the RPi browser) doesn’t bring up the interface (http://localhost:5984/_utils/ works for Couch).

  1. Is this a part of the ver 2 software at this time?
  2. Can it be installed independently (to where?, have a git command?)

Thx - Howard


Having the same problem. @webbhm Have you found a solution?
Is there anything else we need to install besides the “openag_brain_docker_rpi” to use the UI locally?

localhost:5984 alone just shows the couchdb Welcome file.

Thanks a IoT – Johannes


The UI runs off of the database. If you do ‘docker ps’ from a command
prompt and get both the brain and database, the core is up and running.
You need /_utils/ to see the database interface (and not just the welcome


p.s. Having the food computer up and running doesn’t do anything (useful). The default.json that gets started has sensor descriptions (firmware_module_type), but no particular sensor instance references (firmware_module); so even if you have sensors plugged in, you will not see any data.