Running javascript everywhere feedback


Hi, just to share ideas

If I’m correct:

  • the software running on the controller is written in C++
  • On the other hand the software on the server is written in python.
  • And 3th, the front end UI in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript

My suggestion is to explore to run everything on JavaScript.

  • For microcontrollers I was listening a few weeks ago to a podcast where they mentioned
  • Server side node.js (runs on all major os’es)
  • And of course, UI in HTML5 stack (Browser, client app in electron, mobile in Cordova or NativeScript,…)

Another interesting idea is to have the possibility today to update the software on the microcontrollers remotely, for example codepush or other nice ALM technique.

My personal opinion :wink:

  • one language/tooling for all platforms
  • larger community to contribute
  • It will lower the barrier for developers (almost every developer in one or another language knows also javascript).
  • a lot of open source libraries (for example reactjs could be a very nice library to stream events from controller to server and visa versa)
  • fast evolving language, tooling, libs,…
  • Sharing codebase a cross different platforms (eg. web, mobile, but also common classes, etc.)

What is your opinion?


I agree, that’s why I started Grow-IoT:

Will post about it soon (when the Alpha is done), but I do think Javascript has a lot to offer the #OpenAgriculture community.


Great info JakaHart, tx