Running the Food Computer with wi-fi connectivity


Dear all, we have our PFC v1.0 up and running since July 2016, always connected to the Internet through a wi-fi dongle for RPi, and so far, so good. This set up is very convenient because we can leave the PFC anywhere, regardless of the location of the router.

Every once in a while, it gets disconnected when we lose Internet connectivity at home. Not a drama but it is an issue when it happens during the light cycle, because all the lights go off, and the growing chamber is dark until you realize and fix it.

The issue now is that this happens almost every time the light cycle starts. After a few seconds of lights activation, there is some sort of error or interruption, the RPi loses connectivity and lights go off again. Now, I have the PFC wired to the router.

Does anyone has the same issue here?


If it works fine when you wire it to the router, you might be having a power brownout problem. It’s common for people to have unstable wifi connections on Raspberry Pi, and a common fix is to plug the wifi adapter in with a powered usb hub.

Wifi adapters can draw a lot of current, and your usb power supply for the Raspberry Pi might not be keeping up with the demand. If that happens, and your power supply voltage drops too low, it could reboot your Pi. Alternately, it might trigger current protection circuitry and temporarily disable the usb port your wifi adapter is plugged in through.


@wsnook many thanks for sharing this insight. Will try with a usb hub!