Seedling germination


Here at the OpenAg lab, we have a professional horticulturist, Peter K., who has been teaching us how a green house grower germinates seeds. It is part of the work we are doing for the next scale Food Servers.

I work on the PFC’s and only need a few (12) seedlings at a time, so I made a scaled down seedling germinator based on Peter’s design.

Here it is if anyone wants to make their own.


OpenAG in South Korea

While not quite on the same level, i have a modified bread machine incubator i built. It was originally designed for DIYBIO for bacteria incubation and culturing, but up until now i have only used it for germinating squash seedlings. I am in the process of upgrading it a little including adding neopixel leds for mini grow lights / illumination lights. I need to work on that project again… so many unfinished projects… so little time…

one thing it lacks though is humidity sensor and humidity control.