Sensor Calibration


Does the current openag_brain v2.1 contain a way to perform sensor calibration? I’m wondering how people currently calibrate their pH and electrical conductivity sensors. I don’t think it’s wise to take the sensor outputs at face value without calibration.


HI Ekoziol,

The Arduiono code in the V2.1 brain does contain code that supports sensor calibration for the Atlas PH and EC sensors.


@ferguman Do you happen to have a link to the protocol or the command that you need to run to perform calibration?



The Atlas PH Calibration instructions are located here:

The open ag firmware for the PH sensor is located here:

I don’t know how the openag group calibrates their sensors. I would think they do it outside of the Food Computer using direct connection of their sensors to the laptops running Arduino sketches.

I’ve forked the Open Ag firmware and added a serial monitor that allows the potential for sensor calibration without needing to disconnect the sensors from the Food Computer or write any Arduino code. The code will be at when done. Currently the code doesn’t have a means to calibrate sensors. I will try to get some time to add that in the next month or so.