Set New Password on Wiki not working?


I tried to reset my password on our Wiki but I’m not receiving a confirmation link in my email to do so…

Anyone else having this issue?


Hello @adrianlu,

It turns out the email is being sent from the wiki server, but it is probably being flagged as spam by your email client.

I tested it with my wiki account configured to use my personal gmail account. When I look in my spam folder, that is where the password reset email went.

I’m trying to modify the servers configuration now, so the mail it sends won’t be flagged as spam.



Hi @rbaynes,

Coming back to this. I checked my spam and did not see the reset password email… Are you able to see which email address I registered under (username: adrianlu)?

Thanks again!


While you’re looking into the server configuration, is there any possibility of getting it set up to use TLS with an http to https redirect by default?


Hi @adrianlu,

You have two accounts: adrian and adrianlu with the same email:

I can reset the password on either for you. Why don’t you email me
directly at ?


Rob Baynes


I might look into doing that sometime in the next week or so. Thanks for the heads up.

@wsnook I set TLS up for the wiki. Look good to you?


Yeah, the wiki looks great.


I was wondering why I never saw a response to my password reset request, but I had not looked in the Spam folder - yep, that is where they were going.


Sorry Howard. That is a known issue with that machines setup we still have
to fix.

Rob Baynes