Share your best grow contest


Hi Digital farmers,

How are you doing? This is Eddie from OpenAG.

We would love to get a general picture about what are you growing in your Food Computers (FC). Therefore, we decided to open a “share your best grow” contest in the community.

If you would like to participate you can just post a picture of your best grow (preferably taken from the cameras within the FC) with additional sensor values like: humidity, temperature, etc. (preferably in a CSV file). The contest will start today and the will remain open for upcoming 15 days. The top 3 farmers will receive OpenAG merchandise and forum badges.

Looking forward to see your grows.



Hi Growphone,

Thank you very much for sharing those tomatoes. They look great!!!

In exchange for your pic you will get a new forum badge. Please keep up posted about new your grows.



Our lettuce (see picture below) is 24 days old. This is my buddy and my first grow in our FC so by definition it’s our best so far.

Burpee Paris White Romaine Lettuce

Lighting: We are using the FC standard LED fixtures and the first generation software recipe file. I think it’s 18 hours on/ 6 off but not sure.

Air Temperature: 26/22 (day/night)
Water Temperature: 21.5 C (we are using a water chiller set at 70 F)
Relative Humidity: 50 - 60 (we run the vent fan 24/7. The FC is in a air conditioned basement.)
Carbon Dioxide: not sure. Our FC sensor (GC-0010 0-2000 ppm) reads about 1900 ppm all the time. I think maybe it isn’t working. We are not adding supplemental CO2.
PH: 6
EC: 1.2. We started with distilled water with a measured EC of .1
Fertilizer: Fox Farm Grow Big Instant Concentrate

The picture below was taken today. The seeds were planted in rock wool plugs 24 days ago and were germinated at EC of .4 in the FC with the grow LEDs off and the white LED’s on.