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Building a Food Computer? Working on a mod? Post photos of your ongoing build.

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Hello, just sharing my work so far. Its not very pretty but its still a work in progress.

I was hoping someone here could help me out with some nutrient issues I’ve been having. I’ve been trying to fine tune this system for over three months now. So I’d greatly appreciate any help or advice.


Here is a pic of our Belgian FC
The design is a bit different, but the functionalities remain the same


I’ve bee constructing my own, less sensor filled, plant computer.

I love this project and I’m so pumped to apply some upgrades to my machine. Thanks for sharing all your diagrams for the control systems :smile: I’m less concerned about controlling gases and more concerned with controlling temperature next :chart_with_upwards_trend:


I created a sensor update display to put on the LCD panel. Get it here


Also… a I designed a helper PCB to replace the proto, base shield, and one relay pcb. PCB is completed and Im waiting for it to arrive (soon). Schematics are available here. I will update the repo to include the pcb files when the pcb is tested. You can purchase the assembled PCB here after everything is tested.

UPDATE: Testing done. I decided not to sell them as kits due to the surface mount component size (0402) and other very small parts. At $19.95, it is a reasonable cost considering im not making 100’s of them.


I just started material gathering a couple of weeks ago but I’m documenting the entire build process here with weekly update videos:


Hi Monkey Man. I am keenly following your work.


Thank you, please give me feedback when you get a chance!


I like the fact that you are starting on a carpet, not a workbench. Stops people like me running to, not only buy the hardware, but also heaps of expensive tools.


I hadn’t even thought of that! I don’t have a workbench myself so it was normal for me to just do work on the floor.


Helper PCB completed and should be available in 2 weeks. Message me for details of you would like to order one. I believe it will sell for $19.95.


Good morning Richard,

We have the same name :slight_smile:

Please take contact by mail with me at for the PCB and other

Many thanks,

Richard J.


Did you ever resolve your nute issue?


Mine is an early stage mod.

The build logs and plan is here