Sharing marketing materials (brochures, fliers, posters, banners, T-shirt and sticker designs)


Has anybody started created any promotional materials for OpenAg?

Could somebody create a repository under OpenAg’s Github for storing, sharing and contributing to these materials?

Will any stickers, colour posters or t-shirts be produced in bulk for sending out to local groups?



Somebody has made progress with this?

I’ve created a jpg file and 3dprint it with two colours, and that is the result:

The frame of one of my MVPs will be white and green. White in the faces and green in the joints. These joints will be 3D printed in the same colour, here it is one of them:

I want to know if the logo’s design is valid before to upload and share the file. I have doubts with the branding issue, I have read a document in the wiki but I’m not sure.