Skills Necessary to Build a Food Computer


The SEED Foundation of North Carolina and Project Gig City Growers is looking to have a high school or college student build our first Food Computer.

What skill set should we look for in this person?



The physical build probably won’t be hard with step by step instructions but having someone familiar with the technology and sensors and environmental part of the system is a plus. Is only one person allowed to build the whole thing because I would recommend a few people with a varying skillset of maybe engineering and bio.


What other type of people and their skill set?

I have a meeting in mid-May to discuss this with community leaders and to seek funding for the components to build the Food Computer and to seek volunteers from our local high schools and college.

Where can I find the specs for the hardware that is required?

I have attached some information for you about this project - Project Gig City Growers.



Here is the link to the GitHub repository where you can find all the information you need about the hardware etc… for the build of the v1 model.