Skills necessary to build a PFC



We are interested in building a PFC as a school project for one of the top secondary schools in Ukraine specializing in mathematics/physics/biology. The school’s staff and students are interested, we have alumni with relevant skills and funding.

I appreciate the a new version may be coming up later this month. That, being assembled in another country, the BOM may need to be adjusted with replacements which would require a certain level of deeper understanding and creativity. Finally, that the construction is perhaps not trivial i.e. will likely require skills of more than one person.

With this in mind, I would like to ask those who have built or are building a PFC, to suggest a good composition of necessary skills. I understand it is something like I outlined below and will appreciate further suggestions.

  • Biology
  • Hydroponics Engineering
    • Overall construction/maintenance
  • Computer Hardware Engineering
    • Setup/integration of brain module/sensors/controllers
  • Computer Software Engineering
    • Raspberry PI/Arduino/Python/basic web development/CouchDB
  • Sourcing
    • Finding/purchasing/gathering everything from the BoM or agreed replacements
  • Project Coordination

Many Thanks


Simple —Food Earth-Based-Farming to begin with…