Software for dummies


I call to all the real code masters here on this forum:
So far I have been able to build my PFC, get in everyhing that is required. I soldered the Arduino and it is actually working but… there is no way I can get my Rasberry Pi to work autonomously. Currently I am monitoring the Arduino with the Arduino app and I make all(!) changes manually.
I could really do with a proper RPI build that does everything what is intended in the building instructions. I would be very happy if I get to the point that I have a basic working set-up. From there on I can start working on improvements.
(I feel completely lost in the Github but I can manage to flash an SD disk)
I especially bought a RPIv2 because my RPIv3 did not work at all and I would love to have the tightVNCserver pre-installed so I don’t need to do that everytime I have to fall back to the original disk image.
The next thing I want to do is that adjust the timers and thresholds for all the sensors in a UI that I can understand.
Can anyone point me in the right direction where a ‘non-nerd’ like myself can find simple instructions on how to get where I want to be? Please ?