Solar Powered Aquaponics Greenhouse and OpenAG


I’m in the process of building a solar powered aquaponics greenhouse and linking it to STEM education learning. Has anyone pursued this endeavor?

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Hey Jon!

Sounds like a great initiative! I’m building the rough outline of an education program built around an aquaponics/food computer frankenstein so would love to bounce ideas around on this! If I remember correctly, Camille from the MIT OpenAg team did some education work around AgTech in Israel so she may be a good point of contact if she is around on the forum or slack


Thanks for your reply Greg. The initiative I’m working on, Project Gig City Growers, ties in STEM education, workforce development, and research data center. I have attached a document for your review.

I’m interested in how we may tie in food computers with this project.


Greg … is Camille on the OpenAG Farm Team? How do I make contact with her?


I do believe she is. Maybe @gordonb can facilitate an intro?


I’ll try that. Or maybe the info email address …


Hey! Camille here. I was a researcher at OpenAG, recently left to pursue new things, but still very excited about this space of course and will be active on the forums.

This project sounds great - where are you doing this???

I have done a few educational agtech projects. In Israel at an educational greenhouse (3 times) and at MIT for a few hour long class on building your own aeroponics system to take home. Both for middle and high school students.

We also did a pilot of Food Computers in 6 Boston schools, middle and high school (some first graders interacting with it too) that we learned a lot from.

What’s your email - I can send a report from my first time at the educational greenhouse in Israel. It’s a PDF so seems like I can’t attach it here.
This blog post on Agritecture is a summary of the longer report:

Please let me know how I can help out at all!


Ooo also, Mike Barnett at Boston College is doing hydroponic kits with kids, specifically with solar power. Can connect you if you’re interested.
Good links on his page to recent media:


Let me know if you received my email from email address


Jon Barber


Good day Camille. This is Jon Barber in Salisbury, North Carolina.

I have been working on an urban food systems project for 2+ years known as Project Gig City Growers.

Can you reply to this email and provide me the report from your educational greenhouse in Israel and building your own aeroponics system to take home for middle and high school students?

Also, can you connect me with Mike Barnett at Boston College regarding his hydroponic kits with kids?

My email address is:

I have attached a “summary” document that describes Project Gig City Growers.

I also have my own 150-acre farm. We will start building later this year a 40-acre solar farm on the property along with a solar powered aquaponics greenhouse. The greenhouse will be for production purposes, workforce development, and STEM education for the K-16 school environment.

My goal is to start with a Food Computer this year, build up to a Food Server, and then the Food Data Center.

Can we have a discussion so I may share more specifics with you?


Jon Barber
Cell: 704-680-7075


@rcamille can I please get you to send me the PDF as well I would be very interested to see any curriculum you’d be willing to share. I am also very interested in CEA greenhouses and attempting to apply the OpenAg software to it.