Some questions about a Spirulina bioreactor

Hey everyone :slight_smile: I’m new here, due to a somewhat unrelated project that ended up needing some data about bioreactors that was unavailable in my other groups!

Essentially, I am wondering what the necessary size of a growth-tank would be, to allow for a harvest of ~75g of Spurulina every day? This would be an average of course, so if harvesting is ‘better’ done in specific increments, then 750g every 10 days would also be fine. (if that makes sense).

The tank I currently have designed is the equivalent of 8 square meters (surface area), but this is designed to be used to be the minimum required for other effects. However I am wondering about doubling up the use of the Spirulina as a secondary food source, hence the question above.

My design also uses 300W of grow LED’s for each square meter, so 2400W in total. Does this seem about right? I was working from light requirements for other ‘crops’, but struggled to find any better data specific to Spirulina.

Hopefully someone on here can help, as this seemed like a community with a pretty similar mindset!