Sourcing parts, ordering process, kits?


I looked at the BOM spreadsheet for the PFC

I notice that most parts have a link to buy it somewhere, but some parts don’t have the link, can anybody comment on where to get them?

Can anybody update the wiki or the README in Github with some of the following:

  • example of total cost in USD

  • can all the parts be purchased as a kit anywhere, or is there any aim to provide a kit in the imminent future?

  • is anybody looking at how to source the parts in other countries?

  • most of the parts come from Amazon, Digikey and McMaster, is there a way to quickly pre-fill an order on their web sites without manually following the link for each part?

  • is anybody aware of a convenient way to put the BOM into a database where people can submit alternative sources for each part? Then people building it could query a parts list using suppliers in their region.


Hi pocock,

I’m struggling getting the sourcing parts in europe, it would be good to create a european BOM.


Hi @dcuesta Where are you based? I’m in contact with some other people in the Zurich area and we will hopefully try to solve this and do a bulk order of parts to build 5 - 10 food computers.


That sounds great, I’m based in Madrid


Hi @dcuesta, are you involved with any other free/open source software projects? We started a discussion on the FSF Europe (FSFE) mailing list, FSFE also has a mailing list for contacting local people in Spain


Hello pocock I would also like to order together with you. I am based in Stockholm. When do you plan to order? will it be for PFC 2?


@dcuesta @al_payi it will be PFC 2

There are a few things we need to know before ordering:

  • PFC 2 designs are currently marked as “beta”, will there be any major changes before it becomes final? Or is it safe to order parts now and only minor part substitutions will be needed when the design is finalized?

  • how many PFC’s to build? 5, 10, or more?

  • is there any volunteer who has the time to review the parts list and do the ordering and customs administration? Depending upon time, availability and budget, we will have to decide whether to order from European suppliers (maybe lower delivery costs), use the US suppliers listed in the example BOM (saving us time), or maybe ordering with a supplier in China (maybe saving time and money, but extra 2-3 weeks for delivery). If ordering from the US or China, it is probably best to bring everything into Europe in one consignment to lower the customs processing charges. I have an organization with VAT registration that could handle the import and tax paperwork, but I would really need somebody else to help prepare the order. It looks like it could be 1-2 days work for somebody to work through the BOM ordering parts individually, but if we use an intermediary in China we may be able to give them the BOM and they would work through the list for us.


@Caleb @pocock is there a way to order in bulk from Fenome already quite soon?


hi pocock, I’m not involved with other projects, I’ve joined to the mailing list