Spanish translate


Hi, im very interested in this iniciative but there is little information in spanish, so i try translate some articles from landing page… and i have finish a entry in wikipedia:

Well, thanks for share and keep the open knowledge.


Hello Emilio! That’s a great idea, nice work! I’m part of a group trying to build one and … well, the documentation is rather scarce. (More over here: Community Documentation). Before building, we are trying to make some kind of summary of the project, what is it doing, what are the parts doing (and hopefully why were they chosen), what’s the function of the software (really no clue on this), and so on. All of this in order to make better design decisions and to buy sensors and actuators that do the right thing (for money and availability reasons, we cannot buy all the original things).

A question for @gordonb or @Caleb or whoever is responsible. May we write some wiki articles in Spanish? With an [ES] tag or something, of course. Else we can write over here maybe, with an [ES] tag also.

@Santi and @frandagostino are also Spanish speakers and could give us a hand. (PS: I’m also in Argentina!)


@aguadopd this would be great! Of course ES discussion and translations are welcome everywhere and we would love, love, love to see them!

At some point, it would be great to get help with Spanish language documentation and translation. There are the programming docs ( and There are also all the other walkthroughs, guides and docs planned for the wiki.

On the topic of the OpenAg wiki… Part of the problem has been that the original wiki got slammed by spammers. I’m in the process of transitioning the old wiki software to new software to fix the problem. The new wiki software also supports multiple languages, and we would love translations and contributions there too.


Perfect! Thank you Gordon. Will go through those links soon.
Hope to start some ES post soon then, and waiting for the arrival of the offcial guides in order to translate.


Hi, im translate the on gitHub but i cant understand how put the translate in repository, i think Admins do this.

An other cuestion y about directory structure, i think if doc have a directory with Es_es or something like that. and the file put a spanish name? =

For a while i put the translate here until i understand gitHub or the OpenAg Admins move it.


Hi @emilio. Can you submit the README translation as a pull request? We can add it to the repo as


hi @gordonb add the with pull request? its working?


@emilio I don’t see the pull request. If you’re new to GitHub, this YouTube video explains how to do a pull request.


@emilio oh! I see what happened. :smiley: You submitted the PR to your own GitHub account. Instead, submit to (click the “New pull request” button on the right).


Thanks i watch a great and funny Daniel Shiffman video series about GitHub, i hope this pull request thats ok.


Hola Pablo un gusto contactarme, yo también soy de Argentina y estoy muy interesado en OpenAg. Estoy buscando quien es el que desarrollo la Farm Nerd en La Pampa (en el mapa mundial de OpenAg figura una ubicacion en La Pampa.) Si sabes o tenes alguna info me gustaria contactarme. Desde ya muchas gracias y un abrazo!