Status of Food Computer Version 2?


Does anyone know if they are on track to release Version 2 this Aug or September as listed on this page?

I want to build one, but I am trying to decide if I should wait for the next version or get started with this one.


I am very interested to know how far along they are with the version 2 as well. I am looking to build a food computer and contribute to the project, but I want to know what kind of improvements have already been made in the version 2, as well as what kind of direction they are going in with the next version. It would be kind of a shame to work on adding some feature on the version 1, only to learn that they have already developed it for version 2.


Me too. I was going to get the parts for the first but I wonder if I should wait a little longer for the new version 2.



Anybody know if version 2 has strong changes in hardware or in software only?
I think that this is interesting thing for begin with the previous version and no wait for the next.



I am not sure this is even monitored by anyone who knows.freyes. I am waiting with half my stuff ordered. I have left the expensive until they who know give us an idea.
Have you begun yet?


Also holding of for version 2, hopefully Caleb will chime in:slight_smile:


Just been looking at the software repo on Git Hub and 3 days ago a new repo was added called, openag_brain-release , so far it is empty but looks like the Version 2 software is nearing completion. If you are wanting to keep track of how the software is coming along and what new sensors are being used then goto, As for the hardware so far there isn’t a repo yet for Version 2. Also gordonb who is developing the web ui for version 2 is posting updates on this forum in the, Openag-ui web app build diary, topic


Yeah, it’s getting pretty close :smiley:. The RPi 3 and sensors are working great. I’m currently testing the software stack on the RPi 2, and ironing out the software upgrade path for the first-gen FC.


Hi Gordon, been working today on getting the latest ui working on my RPi 2, wasn’t sure that it should work until I just saw the update you’ve just done to the readme file, thanks for that. I had the brain and an earlier ui version working but decided to try the, openag_brain_docker_rpi. Got this working but there was an error because the pi was still starting the first couch db and they both use the same port, I think. Anyway I used, sudo /etc/init.d/couchdb stop, and then started the containers again and they started fine. Doesn’t seem to be storing the web-cam images as yet so I’m working on the the ui. First time it gave a file not found error so I decide to unpack the zip file again and redo the npm install. Have had two optional dep failed warnings fsevents@1.0.14 so far. Didn’t write down the error messages from the first try so will update as to how it went when it’s finished.


@JohnB cool! I’m working on writing firmware for the sensors that don’t have it already, and a fixture for the Food Computer v1 (this is just a config file that sets up the sensors and actuators). Could use some help. Interested in testing fixtures and sensors with me?


Ok, will give it a go, will be away from computer tomorrow but back home on Wednesday afternoon so free after that to do some testing. latest warning from the install, deprecated tough-cookie@2.2.2: ReDos vulnerability parsing Set-Cookie I’m on GitHub as MisterBurnley but have novice status on using it.


oh is this for the UI? We shouldn’t have any node on the back-end.


Got the ui up and running although as you said It’s not a neccessity. I have set up the brain on another card with just the latest rasbian jessie on it and run the install script. It has failed so going to use the, if it doesn’t work, instructions.


@JohnB if you want to build the UI yourself, could you try building it on your computer, then scp the build directory over to the Pi? I haven’t tested the build system on the Pi, since it eats up disk space and is just a JS development convenience. It’s not meant to be there at runtime.


Hello Everyone,

I am new at this forum and I decided to build a PFC. I am waiting for version 2. Do you know when will it be published?

Thank you and keep working on agricultural revolution!


Hey All I posted about this in the “perpetual AMA” and another thread. As we work to better consolidate/manage the forum content I’ll try not to just replicate answers everywhere :slight_smile:


UPDATES TODAY!!! - check the main forum for a new thread :wink: :seedling: