TechAguru Build Diary


Hi there fellow farmers!

Just would like to share the food computer design we are building here in the Philippines.

  • ~ 300 USD cost to build (will post BOM later when we complete the system)
  • Styrofoam box 2.5 CM thickness 36x58x47 CM
  • Particle photon as a controller (we had some problems with getting the arduino mega and raspberry pi working)
  • Temp & humidity sensor inside and outside the box
  • 432 SMD 5050 LED in strip form factor (3:1 red-blue ratio) with shrinkrapped plastic around the board
  • ATX PSU 450 watt Power Supply
  • Freestanding hot and cold water cooler, CPU water cooling system radiator, and submersible pump - our outside temperature is 25-35 degrees celsius so our main concern is cooling down the growing environment.
  • ultrasonic piezo for fogponics (to be added later when our bail grows).


Interesting. what are you growing?