Temp and Hum values from Cozir sensor


Hi, according to the datasheet of the Cozir CO2 meter it should incorporate a digital temp/hum sensor. However, on the output from the Arduino I see: “SACO 1”:710,“SATM 2”:0.0,“SAHU 2”:0.0,
Does this mean that my Cozir is not OK or is the software simply ignoring it ?
If the sensors were producing temp and hum values, why would we want to have an extra sensor (the Grove one) for that. The Cozir is using a Sensirion sensor which I know happens to be a very good and accurate sensor. Having a second one, almost on the same location does not seem logical to me.


The api is configured not to use the temperature and humidity sensors from the Cozir.

Sometimes it’s nice to have redundancy, when preventing failure, comparing results, and for some other reasons. But the bot would have to be configured in a way that used both of them.

If you want to use these instead of the DHT22, you need to change the indexes between them on the module_handler.cpp Arduino module.