Timestamp of data in Couch DB


The timestamp of data for temperature and humidity in Couch DB does not correspond to the time on my Pi. It is about 3 hours 40 minutes ahead. For example, I just read the temp at 19:26 but when I hover over the data point, the time is 23:00:00. Is that normal? It would be nice if it was the same time as the Pi. Any suggestions?


From: $300 MVP Food Computer Variant - My Build
the MVP software will log your data in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time or Greenwich Mean Time ) which is the worldwide time standard used for aviation and scientific coordination. It was intentionally designed to log this way.

You would have to change the getTempChart.py and getHumidityChart.py scripts in the python directory to adjust the time before creating the chart

I guessing something like this would work: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4770297/convert-utc-datetime-string-to-local-datetime-with-python

The timezone is in the env.py file you could use that instead of hardcoding it.