Tips for starting a group, new wiki page


I created a new page on the wiki with tips for starting a group in your area, including how to organize a first meeting

Please feel free to create a wiki account and add ideas and examples to the page. Any feedback is welcome too.


@pocock Thanks for adding this!

I would be very interested to get your feedback on the “Rights, Roles, & Responsibilities” for an OpenAg Chapter:


The wiki page I created simply provides suggestions that people can follow with or without forming an OpenAg Foundation chapter. Joining or forming a chapter could be added to the list of possibilities on the page, but like many projects on the Internet today, I’m not sure it would be essential for people to take that step.


Absolutely, I agree, I don’t think it is necessary either, it sounds like you have some experience coordinating a team already though which is why I was curious for your input. Another really helpful thing for attracting interest in our area has been showcasing our work. Our V1 PFC is on display at Tech Shop (maker space) and due to that it is seen by thousands of makers and individuals drawn to innovation and technology. Other sites could be a school, restaurant, or even a temporary display at a museum. I am also building an “Indoor Community Garden” for my daytime employer. It has been a great way to have an excuse to learn and also attract volunteer interest from fellow co-workers.