Toronto + Wasabi + Omega2


Hi There,

Brand new to open agriculture, curious if anyone is local in Toronto that would be interested in meeting up for conversation and brainstorming. I preordered an Omega 2 for receiving in November, and I’m looking to build a small hobby team to explore growing wasabi in the urban environment.

Give me a shout,


love to hear more. We also have plans to try omega2.


Hey Guys, I’m interested as well.

Got some knowledge and experience working with Ardunio UNO, Raspberry Pi, some Python and some PHP.



Scaling back from Wasabi to something a little more basic to start with. Looking to begin Jan 2017. Will keep updating this thread.

Best Regards,


Hello! I live in Toronto and would be more than happy to collab with your hobby team. :slight_smile:
Whats your preferred method of contact?


@katbinx I will let you know when we are getting started, planning on beginning the planning and ordering process in November.


Amazing! Thank you so much!


For Wasabi, you need a serious cooler !!!


Hey are you thinking of doing this soon?
I have access to really good shops (I’m faculty at OCADU).


Omega 2’s have not yet shipped, I will put together a project goal outline and send it over to you for feedback by beginning of next week. Thanks for following up!