Total Build Cost


Hey everyone,

I just found this community, and I’m a little blown away. Awesome awesome awesome!

For those of you who have made it to the end of a V1 (any V1.1 builds out there?), what was the total cost? The BOM seems extremely detailed, but it also runs the full gamut from soldering to web apps, so I’m sure real builds have had a couple missteps… Assuming one has all the tools, or can at least convince people to share, it looks like the total BOM as written comes out to ~1500 USD.

Anyone actually know what they spent? Probably a little tough to be exact while making use of what’s lying around. I’m trying to determine if this is a realistic project for me or just one more fascinating pipe dream.

Aside from that, any word on the target cost for V2?


Hello Toby! Welcome to the community! Many of us are just as new as you are to this process. Although I haven’t finished my build personally, one thing you might want to consider is the amount of hacking you’ll have to do to the design. Depending on where you live, parts may not be available, so you may have to make your own solutions. @silversson has documented his own experience with creating his own solutions quite well. If you live in the U.S., your hacking costs are probably going to be lower than international NerdFarmers. I hope you are able to give this a shot!


I’m in Canada, just north of the border, so while our version of Amazon sucks and the dollar isn’t great, I’ll be able to order everything and make a trip across. Although last time I did something similar, the border agent was positive I was trying to grow pot…

For a first rev, I was hoping it’d simplify things to stay as close as possible to the BOM. I haven’t read through the electronics section in full, but some of that looks a little intimidating, so it’d be nice to have exactly the same pieces as someone else.