Trying to understand CO2 generator


Can anyone explain to me why we need to have a valve (or other means, like a second bottle next to the generator) to protect the ambient air to enter the generator. Can’t we just let the CO2 flow into the grow chamber ?
Any ideas or suggestions ?


Hi Peperoni, don’t know if already get the answer to your question, but the valve is needed to control the concentration of the CO2 in the growing chamber. Too little CO2 very limited growing, too much risk of poison the plants. Hope this helps.


hi @135711,
I’m not sure if I understand you well… The valve is not ‘active’, is it ? So it is a passive device that allows a flow from one direction and blocks it in the opposite direction. This cannot ‘control’ the CO2 level in my opinion.
Meanwhile I have bought a CO2 bottle and I am waiting for an electronically controlled valve that will allow me to increase the CO2 level. My next question now is: what are the best CO2 levels for growing… what PPM value should I be aiming for during the lights ON period of growing.


Ok, you really have a point, need to check I’m just getting familiarize with PFC V 2.0. In my experience in greenhouses, levels between 450 and 700 ppm are ideals, however, this should be related with the PAR light. Good levels of CO2 with good levels of PAR light produce vegetal mass and fruits depending on what are you producing.