Unable to connect to Arduino Port from Raspbian Jessie


I have followed the instructions on OpenAgInitiative to set up the docker and connect the sensors to the arduino. Everything worked fine, but I uploaded a test to run the relays on the Arduino IDE without having the composer up and now I cannot do a docker-compose up -d, when I give this command, it says it cant find the Serial port. What I realised was the serial port is occupied and this needs to be flushed, which is the reason why it is not letting me do a docker-compose up-d. Post this, I am not able to login to the docker at all! Can someone assist me in this please.


Would you try install from source ?
It is V2.1 of Personal Food computer .V2 Food Computer Kit Build


I figured it out, the issue was with Arduino which was corrupted. I was not able to find port ACMO on raspberry pi when an Arduino was connected. Replaced with a spare arduino that I had and it worked! Thanks.

Deepika Jantz