URGENT Open CALL! We need Nerd Farmer stories ASAP


We are putting together content for the Open Agriculture Foundation to take out to our network of potential partners and donors to get support for the non profit, we need your help! Potential donors (gates, zuckerberg/chan, etc) want to hear from our community members what OpenAg means to them, why they should support it and what you are doing (and hope to do) with food computing.

Everyone can participate. We will be putting together a short video about our community and we want to feature you!

Please take the time and make a short video clip (30 seconds to 1 minute) and share your story with us in your own words. Then upload it to youtube and paste a link on this thread in the forum. We will then compile them and share it out. This should be a fun and engaging way to get support for building the backend to connect us, the datebase, deploying more food computers and to support specific community members dreams/goals.

thank you!
Caleb + The Open Agriculture Foundation Team

Call for your photos and videos!

Great Idea!

Couple of questions for you @Caleb:

If we are working with a group, should we do a group video or is the goal of this to be the story of an individual?

Would you prefer the videos to be a compilation of clips and pictures of our work, or more of a YouTube blog?


@Webb.Peter in a way its up to your own creative juices and feel free to make more than 1! This is your chance to show them how awesome #nerdfarmers are :slight_smile:


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@Caleb when do you guys need these videos posted by?


@melanieshimano thanks for the response - it would be great if it could be in the next two weeks? Of course we should continue gathering stories after but we have some pitches coming up for funding and it would really help!


Hope this is useful.

Open Ag Farmer Stories


@Freeworld I used the link but for some reason I cannot see your video. Can you post the URL of the video?



thanks @freeworld , have you started a building project yet?



thanks @Epic :seedling::computer::punch:


no I’m waiting for your nextgen kit you all were working on b/c unless I
can convince my wife to follow the plans … I myself would not be
successful putting it together


Hey, you can find my support video here :slight_smile:

Note: Hoping the french accent (and mistakes) makes the point of diversity more than it downgrades the quality of the message.


I’m a big proponent of this project. I’ve been following it since the TED talk was released and will be starting to build a PFC 2 soon.

My question is this: Other than making a video here, are there other ways to contribute to the foundation such as writing a letter or contacting a donor directly?


Count us in for supporting with a video! We’ll have our students and faculty share our story how OpenAg has inspired education and research. We see authentic learning opportunities for biology, climate, engineering and computer science education (we’ve built a PFC and are building a Food Server currently).


@rheitz I am happy to see you here! Pau and I also built a PFC 1.0 and are enjoying using it, experimenting with different digital recipes.



Sure everything helps. If you have access to a donor you think might want to philanthropically give to the Open Agriculture Foundation, by all means reach out and start the conversation.